Who am I: Operations Assistant

My friends come to me for my honesty and my relaxed approach. I am always keen to host a BBQ by the pool to celebrate everyone’s little wins… or soften the blow of the losses. Nothing friends and a few drinks can’t fix.

I’m studying a double degree of Law and Business, whilst working at a company that provides me the opportunity to gain experience is both areas. Wiley has allowed me to understand my studies from a more practical side of things.

I love to travel, either overseas or tracking around Australia.

After touring around China for 2 weeks I developed a keen desire to learn more about the strong culture and history. This trip is what developed my passion to learn Mandarin. I began studies in 2018 and have since passed my HSK 1. Only 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to go.

If you can’t find me at work or studying, you will definitely find me out to breakfast and coffee… no matter what time of day.

Two saying I remind myself of egularly:

  • Never argue with strangers
  • As long as you’re happy, who the hell cares