Nestlé Isolated Projects

Client: Nestlé
Location: Remote Regional East Java, Indonesia
Scope overview: Design and construct a central warehousing and distribution facility

Project Description

Wiley successfully overcomes project isolation for PT Nestlé Indonesia


Nestlé is an iconic international brand producing and supplying a vast array of food and beverage products throughout the world.


Nestlé Indonesia engaged Wiley to design and construct a central warehousing and distribution facility in the extremely remote regional farming community of Gempol in East Java.


  • Carefully planning material and equipment procurement to operate effectively in a remote area
  • Overcoming a lack of construction labour in the isolated community
  • Managing the public relations issues surrounding building in a rural paddy field location for local farmers, residents and workers.


To meet the challenges of working in the isolated area Wiley:

  • Developed an onsite training program to prepare local workers for the project, which raised the level of skilled labour in the region for the long-term benefit of the community
  • Appointed an expatriate site supervisor to support local site managers
  • Developed a comprehensive logistics strategy to ensure equipment and materials were available on site on time.


An example of successfully overcoming challenges of isolation to deliver a positive project result.

The central warehousing and distribution facility enables Nestlé to cater for strong sales growth in Bali and East and Central Java, and to further strengthen its foothold in an expanding regional market.