Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (MIA) Red Meat Facilities 2040 Future Concept

Client: Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (MIA)
Location: New Zealand
Scope overview: Innovation analysis to curate a vision and roadmap for the 2040 red meat facility of the future
Project Profile: Download PDF

Project Description

With the accelerating pace of technological development in the industrial sector, MIA Innovation recognised an opportunity to harness the potential of these changes for the sector. What was lacking was a collective vision of what the future might look like, so the concept for this project was to create a roadmap to a sustainable future for red meat processors, capturing the value of emerging technologies to create a roadmap to 2040.

Wiley and the MIA Innovation worked together to imagine and describe the Red Meat Processing Facility of 2040. This innovation analysis project sought to look at in-industry and adjacent-industry innovations and trends that would add value over the 20-year horizon.

The vision details milestones along the 20-year innovation journey, to allow MIA Innovation and the NZ meat industry to work together to plan their investment and progress. This plan will provide confidence that come 2040, they will be on track to ensure the sector is operating the red meat facilities of the future.