Melbourne Market Increases Capacity

Client: Melbourne Market
Location: Victoria, Australia
Scope overview: Design, Construction and Project Management.
Facility: Fruit and vegetable warehouse #7
Project Profile: Download PDF

Project Description

The Wiley project team worked closely with key client stakeholders, analysing the current situation and future needs of market traders. Wiley ensured the project was delivered with people and product safety as the highest priority, Wiley food industry specialists brought the following industry experience to the project:

    • Seamless delivery within an operational environment:
    • Planning, managing and monitoring vehicle, people and product movement to ensure zero harm during construction within a live operating site
    • Planning activities to comply with environmental noise constraints and reduce impacts from dust etc
    • Development of concept design for warehousing space to food safety standards
    • Delivering controlled temperature environment warehousing
    • Development of fire engineering solutions to connect with existing fire engineered warehouse
    • Delivering a large scale, roof mounted solar PV system
    • Designed with sustainability in mind the warehouse has; insulated panels, roof mounted solar panels, water recycling and a low carbon footprint concrete
    • Delivered in line with Victorian Industry Participation Plan Policy (VIPP)

Explore the facility in this photogrammetric scan