BAC Freshport Needs Study

Client: Brisbane Airport Corporation
Location: Brisbane Airport, Queensland
Scope overview: Perform a Freshport needs study

Project Description

Fulfilling the need for a quality supply chain Freshport at the Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation is a partner organisation in Australia Trade Coast, the country’s most integrated trade precinct.  This is Australia’s global trade and commerce hub at the heart of Asia Pacific.


Brisbane Airport initiated the concept of Freshport, a planned cutting-edge facility to be developed at the airport with a view to becoming a trading and value-adding hub for import and export of perishable commodities by air and sea.


  • To facilitate thinking outside the square in how the perishables industry views the current supply chain based on a broken cold chain.



  • Wiley prepared a needs study that examined:
    • The global cold chain and other perishable centres
    • The nature of Brisbane Airport
    • Needs identification based on current supply chain
    • Operational concept for Freshport
    • Design brief and rationale
    • Concept design drawings
    • Cost analysis
    • Commercialisation strategies
    • Assessment of future market opportunities


  • Wiley also prepared a scoping study to provide important operational information which forms part of a RFP (request for proposals).


  • Formulate the design brief based on statistical volume data and industry advice to provide concept design layouts.


The Freshport needs study was a catalyst to attract the interest of Velocity Brisbane, Brisbane’s investment attraction agency.

Brisbane Airport Corporation, Velocity Brisbane and Wiley have established a joint venture agreement to foster market and investor interest and progress the development of the Freshport facility.