Queensland Small Food Processors and Manufacturers in Line for Government Funding

Queensland Small Food Processors and Manufacturers in Line for Government Funding

Much of Australia’s economic output is based on our ability to grow and produce food. Our food and agri-business sectors are a key part of the economy for our rural centres and urban fringes. The economic impact associated with food processing, agribusiness supply changes, value added manufacturing and logistic for domestic and international supply are critical.

It’s for this reason the food sector is often the targeted beneficiary of government grants, stimulus, and incentive packages. The federal and state governments in Australia use these packages to stimulate economic growth and employment and from time to time we at Wiley identify grants that are ideal for our food processing clients.

Working closely with our food process engineering and design teams clients can identify positive effects from new equipment, processes and initiatives to grow business and provide returns. Often innovative equipment and processes are key to accessing new markets and revenue.

The Queensland State Government has announced a new funding opportunity opening soon that will suit small to medium food processors looking to expand their business through the addition of equipment. The Business Growth Fund (BGF) targets high-growth businesses who can accelerate growth, drive Queensland’s economy and employ more Queenslanders.


Offering between $50,000 – $75,000 per project, this is round 5 of the program which opens Monday 8 May 2023 and closes Friday 2 June 2023 and is open to business with a minimum of $500,000 turnover last financial year and between 5 and 49 employees.

The program offers funding for small and medium-sized high-growth businesses to buy specialised equipment, enabling them to unlock growth potential, increase production, expand their workforce, and maximise economic returns to move them to the next stage of growth.

Our team at Wiley are ideally skilled at helping our clients identify equipment and processes that can take business operations to the next level and can assist in the development of business cases, procurement, facility alteration and commissioning and identifying returns on such investments.

Brandon Miller, Wiley’s Chief Strategy Officer, said “This is a great opportunity for growing business to benefit from improving their output in a subsidised way. When there is grant funding involved the business case for return on investment for new equipment is often extremely economically viable and our clients can capitalise on the opportunity with quick decisions”.

If you’d like to discuss your equipment and processing needs and their suitability please reach out to our team.