The Gap State High School STEM Building Open House

Over the weekend The Gap State High School held an event to showcase and celebrate their new STEM building to the local community. Wiley, who delivered the project were on hand to celebrate.

The Wiley crew joined in for tours of the new STEM building and were able to see robotics and other activities in action, while admiring the new facility in its complete state.

Tom Wilson, Wiley Senior Education Project Manager said; “it was excellent to see so many people out and about to explore the new facility and support the school. The learning space is cutting edge and will long benefit the local community as it continues to grow.”

The three-level building contains seven classrooms, four science labs, two robotics labs, three flexible learning areas, amenities, staff rooms and associated spaces. The northern wall contains a centerpiece atrium with acoustic paneling, incorporating architectural printed designs, providing a sound absorbing barrier that reduces ambient noise whilst providing a stimulating environment.

Stay tuned for the opening and more photography of this fantastic project in the coming weeks.