Food & Drink Business Live 2014

Australia’s premier half-day business event for food and beverage production and marketing professionals.

Hear from:

Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy

WELCOME: Having worked in the ad industry for over 20 years, for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Cola-Cola, Nestle and Arnott’s, Richard examines the forces that have propelled some of the world’s biggest food brands to success. Not suitable for those under 15 years of age!!!

David Beak, Managing Director, Beak & Johnston | Richard Glenn, General Manager, Sales & Brand, Nudie

The new retail paradigm: The retail landscape is rapidly shifting. Shelf space is in hot demand, private labels are on the rise and innovation is do or die. It’s life or death out there. While it many feel like you’re treading quicksand, not everyone is sinking. Others are thriving and seeing their market share and revenue grow exponentially. Our successful manufacturers show you how to rise to the challenge of the new retail paradigm.

Jean-Yves Heude, Chessmate Consulting (former Kellogg Australia Managing Director)

Negotiating with retailers: It’s official, food and beverage companies must adapt to new business rules to stay listed. This session will help you to match your commercial strategies to the new environment and win at the negotiating table with the major supermarkets.

Stuart Harman, Partner, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific

Private label contracts – avoiding the five key pitfalls: The private label phenomenon continues to grow exponentially as retailers seek to diversify their range. This session will help you understand, embark on, and manage the private label supply chain to capitalise on this growing trend. 

Steve Christie, Process Engineering Director, Wiley

Think different, design different, deliver progress – avoid building a new old facility: With increasing pressure from market and industry forces to innovate, food manufacturers are quickly being left in the dark, using antiquated production methods. The future of food facilities and manufacturing relies upon savvy investment and rigid project control methodologies, without which the Australian food production industry is set for failure.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Success in the retail environment isn’t as simple as producing a flashy product and slapping on some ‘loud’ packaging. It’s the result of careful analysis, crafting a strategy, implementation, measurement and then re-adjustment. Our panel of manufacturers, industry experts and suppliers debate the key commercial, manufacturing and supply chain factors most likely to reap success.

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