Meet Wiley at AMPC’s Vital Ingredient

Wiley’s Process Engineering Director, Steve Christie, will attend the Vital Ingredient Sustainability Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney at the end of this month.

The two-day event, beginning on the 29th of November, is held by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC), to present their revolutionary solutions for issues about cattle, climate, consumers and communities.

As Wiley design build maintain food manufacturing process and facilities, we are interested in gaining deep understanding in our clients and adapt into upcoming changes. We constantly grow our knowledge to maintain our position at the forefront of the food industry. We love sharing that knowledge with our network to help us all reach peak performance and help ensure our global food security into the future.

About The Vital Ingredient vi

The industrial revolution over the past 20 years along with consumption patterns and the regulatory environment, acquires innovations in order to create a better future.

What’s on the agenda? Feeding seaweed to cows to cut emissions, saving rural communities as well as developing new and profitable Australian food products, will be part on the agenda at the conference.

The Vital Ingredient has a line-up of industry experts, including Professor Ted Schroeder from the US, Declan Troy from Ireland and Tim Ritchie from New Zealand will discuss risks facing the business that contributes $23 billion annually to the nation’s GDP and employs 134,000 people.

Another important topic will be the improving continuity of cattle supply and automation technologies what is a main factor in cutting processing costs.

“Our industry has changed phenomenally over the past 20 years along with consumption patterns and the regulatory environment. Doing nothing now will mean we could lose value from the entire red meat supply chain,” explains AMPC chairman Peter Noble.

The conference, sponsored by Wiley, will also feature the latest research and innovation in meat and food science and showcase innovative technology.

“I’m really looking forward to discussing the future of processing and how all of our jobs will change in near future.” Said Steve.

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